Most of my images are from the wilds of Upstate New York: Lake Ontario coastal wetlands, Montezuma NWR, Cayuga Basin and the Adirondacks. The others are from Northwest Ohio.

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I've been chasing birds with my camera for 11 years, going from one love affair to another with each new species I come to know. The past few years my focus has been on songbirds, especially the tiny ones. I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture their beauty as they scoot through flora at lightning speed playing peek-a-boo. I'm also slowly learning to bird by ear which is adding a whole new dimension to my birding experience.

Birds & Bach is a slideshow of several of my bird photos synced in time to two pieces by Bach. It goes through various bird families of both land and water for a total of 92 species, including 28 warbler species.

Other work:

• One of my photos was included in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology 2022 calendar.

My article and several of my Piping Plover adult & chick images were published in the June 2016 issue of New York State Conservationist magazine.

My photos also appear on several interpretive panels at Montezuma NWR, a brochure for Hawk Mountain and instructional materials for Audubon North Carolina.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Good birding!

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