Greetings and thank you for checking out my work. 

Many of my warbler photos were taken at Ohio's Magee Marsh Wildlife Area. Most of the other images are from the wilds of New York State -- Montezuma NWR, Lake Ontario coastal wetlands, Adirondacks and Finger Lakes.

The past few years I’ve been increasingly focused on songbird action shots. A daunting task as they play peek-a-boo while scooting through trees at lightning speed. Thank you, Nikon D500.

My article and several of my Piping Plover adult & chick images were published in the June 2016 issue of New York State Conservationist magazine. A friend and I had discovered them nesting at Lake Ontario while kayaking, and alerted the DEC who protected them. My photos also appear on interpretive panels at Montezuma NWR, a brochure for Hawk Mountain, Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology web site and instructional materials for Audubon North Carolina.

The magnificence of nature and its creatures gives me hope for the world despite all the crap on the news.

Thanks again and hope you enjoy. Good birding!

Sue Phillips

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